September 1-3, 2009

Sinaia, Peles Castle


The growing interest of the scientifc community in the dynamics and control of delay systems, and their applications was at the origin of the first workshops on Linear time-delay systems in July 1998 (Grenoble, France) and in September 2000 (Ancona, Italy). These were followed by the next workshops in December
2001 (Santa Fe, USA), September 2003 (Rocquencourt, France), July 2004 (Leuven, Belgium), July 2006, (L'Aquila, Italy) and September 2007 (Nantes, France).

The proposed 8th IFAC Workshop is scheduled for September 2009 in Romania and follows the same tradition, including further applications to communication networks, bioengineering, networked systems and economics, as well as new connections to systems with distributed parameter control systems i.e. described by Partial Differential Equations - mainly the hyperbolic ones.

Organizing the 8th workshop in Romania is also a tribute paid to the memory of Professor Aristide Halanay (1924-1997) formerly with Bucharest University, one of the pioneers of the theory of differential equations with deviated argument in the XXth century, whose results and ideas greatly influenced the development of the field.


The objective of the organizers of the 8th Workshop on Time Delay Systems is
to pursue the same tradition and to bring together specialists in the field, considered in the most extensive sense. High level contributions on the many aspects of control of delay equations, ranging from theory over numerics to various applications and connections to Partial differential systems and other infinite dimensional are awaited. Contributions on related domains (e.g. Internet congestion control, remote-operated control systems, circuits theory, process control, networked systems) will be considered with great interest, provided they present the relations with time delay systems. The organizers also aim to bring together specialists from both the fields of control and applied mathematics, including numerics.


  •  Modelling and identification
  •  Stability and stabilisation
  •  Robustness issues
  •  Filtering and estimation
  •  Infinite dimensional systems
  •  2D, nD systems
  •  Approximation techniques and numerical methods
  •  Control schemes
  •  Applications (communications, process control, networked systems, bioengineering, economics)


  •  IFAC TC on Linear Control Systems (J-P. Richard, N. Olgac, sponsors)
  •  IFAC TC on Nonlinear Systems (X. Xia, co-sponsor)
  •  IFAC TC on Robust Control (S. Tarbouriech, co-sponsor)
  •  IFAC TC on Control Design (D. Owens, co-sponsor)
  •  IFAC TC on Networked Systems (K. H. Johansson, co-sponsor)
  •  Romanian Society for Automation and Informatics - the IFAC NMO
    (I. Dumitrache)
  •  Local sponsors (university): University of Craiova, Romania (D. Popescu)
  •  Local sponsors (industry): Research Institute for Aeronautic Structures
    (A. Ionita)
  •  Ministry of Education and Research of Romania
  •  Romanian Academy


Invited speakers   
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Faculty of Automation, Computers and Electronics (ACE), Craiova, ROMANIA for IFAC-TDS'09